Founded by designer Michelle Kwok, lemontarte tackles every project with fervor and frenzy. Armed with a communications degree and over a decade of corporate in-house marketing experience, our services include, but are not limited to, graphic design, social stationery, corporate marketing, and weddings. If design is just artful placement of objects, Michelle accomplishes this with a keen eye for colour, typography, meticulous detail, and always with a touch of whimsy. She:

  • will always leave room for dessert
  • appreciates cursive writing and handwritten notes
  • is first to laugh at herself
  • is smart, but never shows off
  • reads classics, but always enjoys a trashy magazine every now and again
  • will write a thank you note for a thank you note
  • rallies for the underdog
  • hates that she blushes easily
  • unabashedly fondles letterpress
  • is always searching for the extraordinary

Michelle lives in Vancouver, BC with her hubby, son and daughter.