It's here!


 Photobook in my hot little hands.

When Keira was born, I found family and friends asking whether I would create a photobook for her, as if I had a reason not to. With Owen, I made one every quarter for his first 12 months, followed by one up to his second birthday, and then I just stopped. (He'll be five in a few months!) I just got busy and admittedly, a tad unmotivated until recently. 

With Keira's inaugural album, it was truly another labour of love, this time without the drugs. I probably spent more time on it than I should've despite constant pressure from Adam to just "slap something together." I'm happy I ignored him, as always. Every photo was painstakingly selected and post-processed, pages crafted and reviewed a million times over. It's important to me. I love pouring over my own childhood albums whenever I visit my parents. Just seeing the zits, the braces, and awkward poses makes remember how we are young, innocent and carefree for a such a brief part of our lives. If we don't hold on to those fleeting moments for our children, then who will?