K is for Kindergarten

When I found out Mrs. Clancy, Owen's kindergarten teacher, regularly took photos of her students, and posted on her blog, I couldn't help but get really excited about it. First, it's a brilliant way for parents to stay connected to our child's classroom activities. And second, it means I have to do something with those photos. I mean, how many of us can say they had a Kindergarten yearbook? We're always focused on graduation, the end goal, and getting them ready for the next stage of their lives, but how about kids just starting out in school? We are don't get to be kids for very long, so capturing them when they're just, well, young and brimming with curiosity, is a delight.

Sifting through over 1,500 photos was a challenge, as well as making sure each student was evenly represented. I also wanted to keep cost down as much as possible, being a budget-conscious parent myself. The nicest thing was having Owen sit beside me, watching me work and offering some kind of commentary ("That's Wolverine, Mom, not a Power Ranger"). He loved seeing pictures of his friends on computer screen, and then talking about what had happened on that particular day. It's sad I wasn't able to showcase ALL those wonderful photos (it would probably take well over a 150 pages). But I'm proud to have something Owen and his friends can cherish. It celebrates the wonderful joy of learning and growing, and all the magic that is Kindergarten.